Our programs

Psychological support

This is a key element of our assistance model as boys and girls who are able to heal their emotional wounds are better prepared to overcome the cycle of violence and abuse experienced during their early life and to fully develop their potential and abilities, while forming their own violence-free and harmonious families. Accordingly, we have on staff a full-time health professional that provides continuous and personalized psychological support to our children and teenagers in order to help them deal with their emotional problems.



In PROYECTO DE VIDA it is critical that children and teenagers receive quality education that permits them to access and explore areas of knowledge and foster the development of abilities and positive attitudes. Accordingly, we register them in the public education system and support them in addressing educational problems with personal mentoring.

Academic support

With the help of three teachers, we provide afternoon support classes to help children and teenagers overcome educational lag


Fostering Human Values

Through various workshops, the institution promotes the development of habits, values and abilities of its children and teenagers. Six full-time professionals take care of them as part of one big family.

Dental, Ophthalmologic and Medical Attention

Committed with the health of our children and teenagers, and with the support of a network of health professionals that look after their dental, ophthalmologic and health requirements in general.


Culture, Sports and Recreation

It has an educational function because it integrates the physical, mental and emotional well-being of our children as part of the development of their physical aptitudes and social interaction. Accordingly, they are exposed to the arts and participate in recreational activities to strengthen their motor skills and teach them to live a balanced and harmonious life.

These activities favor interpersonal relations while teaching them about teamwork and the productive use of their spare time